About Us

Frank B. Armstrong  Ltd. has been a registered company in Barbados since 1926.  The company has a very strong history in the Distribution trade and is one of the only privately owned Distribution companies left in Barbados. The Managing Director is Frank Armstrong who is the third generation in the business. The company has an excellent reputation in the retail trade for fast and efficient  service. and a very solid financial record in servicing all debts to Business Partners.

The company  was formed  by Francis B. Armstrong in 1926 and grew significantly  under the stewardship  of his sons
Bruce and Keith and continues to grow with Bruce’s son Frank as the current  Managing Director.  The company is family owned  and decisions can be made promptly without having to go through multiple levels of management  or boards as is commonly found in larger companies.

Frank B. Armstrong  Limited  has affiliated companies  in St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada.   They all have their  own warehousing facilities, staff  and  management  teams.    All of  these  businesses have  an excellent  reputation in  their individual territories for delivering maximum effort  in promoting the products of their Business Partners.

In Barbados, there are two other trading companies in the group:
1)  Caribbean Industrial  Inc. – A distribution company  specializing in providing  quality  safety supplies, chemicals, lubricants etc.
2) Aqua-Tec Inc. – The leading pool company in Barbados, which consists of a pool store, service facility and construction.

Having  offices  and  warehouses  on  four  Caribbean  Islands  allows  the  group  to  achieve  a  thorough distribution throughout most of the  Eastern Caribbean.  Some of the smaller markets are serviced by sales staff  from  these four islands.

In Barbados Frank B. Armstrong  Ltd. has been supplying the retail trade for over 80 years.  Our main product  lines are food, hair care and cosmetics, household  cleaners and plastic ware.   Major  Brands that  we represent  are Jeyes Ltd., Milton Lloyd Perfumes/Colognes, Emsa Addis, Kiss Cosmetics etc.   We cover the entire  island i.e. supermarkets,
mini-marts,small shops, hotels,hardware,etc.

Frank B. Armstrong  (St. Lucia) Ltd. was established  in 1964.
Frank B. Armstrong (Grenada) Ltd. was established in 1965.
Frank B. Armstrong (St. Vincent) Ltd. was established in 1970.